Polyvalent Everyday Places / São Paulo

Cities have always been places of hope for a better life. In the normative concept of the European City as a social and spatial construct, this include the values of inclusiveness, participation, democracy, tolerance, equality and openness. The city should be a place where the mixture and variety of people, situations and programs create a fertile breeding ground. Human is citizen of this city, and equipped with rights and duties actively involved in its development.

In contrast, what we experience in many places is the counterpart of this concept. City is increasingly characterized by exclusiveness, separation and segregation. Civil courage is often „replaced“ by camera surveillance. Fearing the others and the different, people back out to privacy and exclusive, controlled places. Tolerance and mutual respect yield ignorance and radicalism. The city has become an infrastructure, a place of consumption in all fields of life, the citizen a passive, often instrumentalized consumer.

We don’t just want to accept the development described in the beginning, and see the contribution in the design disciplines in initiating discourses and designing places that address this development critically and make new offers. We care about the common good. In the places of everyday life this will be negotiated.

That is why we are interested in the places of everyday life;
And we search for spatial conditions that allow the everyday life to happen in a productive way.

International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo (12th BIA) todo dia / everyday

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Martina Baum “Polyvalent Everyday Places” und design-built Workshop “Repertoire of Polyvalent Elements”


in Kooperation mit der Escola da Cidade / São Paulo und dem Walter-Gropius Lehrstuhl, FADU / Buenos Aires


25. – 27. September 2019 in São Paulo im Rahmen der Internationalen Architektur Biennale 2019 todo dia / everyday


Kuratoren: Vanessa Grossman, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Ciro Miguel

Studio Urbane Strategien GmbH

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Prof. Dr. Martina Baum
Vertr.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Markus Vogl

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