Fülle/Leere – Congestion/Void

»The spatial fundamental conditions for a resilient and productive city in the sense of the simultaneity of fullness and emptiness can be observed and have to be designed. To this effect we employed a Research by Design Approach next to classic research approaches to approximate the characteristics and impact of such-like spaces. This transformative approach enables the spatial transfer of the theoretical findings as well as the spatial experiment for the development of robust and stimulating urban everyday spaces. The city lives of and with change, it needs the experiment in order to develop and form a nutrient medium. Conceptual designs generate narratives for the future of a place its form, purpose and meaning. Urban planning and architecture create the stable and robust framework that offers permanency and openness at the same time in order to absorb the vola-tility and changing social needs and requirements of its users.«




Martina Baum und Markus Vogl
Dokumentation zum Beitrag auf der Internationalen Architektur Biennale Rotterdam 2016 – the next economy


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